One of my objective for 2020 is to accomplish the 12 startups challenge. Each month I’m creating a “startup”, in my case I will make a mobile application per month, from the idea, the AppStore release to the promotion about it.

Why I’m doing this ?

First of all, I like to challenge myself. Last years, I worked on several side projects but I only finished a few. For this year I’m forcing myself to deliver a usable product a the end of each month. There also other reasons I’m doing this, a few of them are:

Optimising my mobile application bootstrap. Since I will do 12 apps, I must improve and optimise my application bootstrap in order to be able to quickly get an MVP of the idea.

Improving my own iOS Swift Framework. I created my own code framework with a lot of helpers code and snippets that I use across severals apps. Each app I’m gonna make this year will surely rely on it.

Learning and improving my marketing skills: Currently, I’m not really good at marketing, when I’m launching an app, I’m doing a post on my social media and sometime on ProductHunt but I don’t have a real strategy and process in place.

Next steps

I’ll write a post for each apps that I’m gonna make during this year. In this post I’ll hopefully present the app, otherwise I’m gonna explain why I failed.