This month is a bit different I choose to not release any project, instead I use my time to learn new things.

React / Serverless stack

I’ve spent half of the month learning React and the full process of building a serverless stack. I want to be able to release web app for my 12 startups challenge. I’m now more confident in my capacity of releasing a web product.

I’ve started by following Serverless Stack. It’s a great introduction to the serverless concept, at the end you finish with a full serverless web app relying on AWS Lambda.

WWDC 2020

This year’s WWDC was nice, I really enjoyed the new format. The improved design of iPadOS app’s motivated me to rethink my existings apps and improve the iPad experience.

Widget are also existing and I’m already working on adding widget support for Fridge Buddy.

Talks I’ve watched and really like

Talks I need to watch