Beauty Mate is the third project of my 12 startup challenge and also the first fail of this challenge. I worked on this project during march.

Story behind this project

For this project I’ve wanted to reuse the Fridge Buddy base code and adapt it to another domain, cosmetics. The idea was to build an inventory of all the beauty / cosmetics products you have at home. It can help when your on of your products is empty and you want to purchase a new one, you got the exact reference in your pocket at anytime.

The goal was to add new features on Beauty Mate and applying them also on Fridge Buddy, since the apps share the same base code. I thought it would be easy, in fact it was not that easy, because the code was duplicated in the two projects and not in a shared framework.

I also loosed interest for the subject and preferred working on improving directly Fridge Buddy since users were asking new features.

Lesson learned, for the next months I will focus on subjects that interest me.

Next steps

Nothing since the app is not complete and I won’t work anymore on this project.